Worship Services: Thursday 6 PM, Sunday 10:45 AM

In February, 2022, Culpeper Christian Fellowship merged with Grace Christian Church.  Both Churches have roots that go back to the revivals of the 1970’s and the merger has created unity from different churches, but the same church,  as both are part of the greater Body of Christ and built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.


From Culpeper Christian Assembly:

Mason Hutcheson began discipling young people and the gathering grew and became known as the Sun House.  In early February, 1978, Mason stated to three other men  that “the Holy Spirit had convicted his heart that now was the Lord’s timing for a local fellowship to come together.”   These men included Glenn C. Oldaker (a travelling evangelist, who had attended Moody Bible Institute), Peter Goodfield, and John Musselman.

It didn’t just “happen,” but for some time prior these men had been praying that the Lord would raise up a non-denominational, Bible-teaching church for Culpeper.

On Sunday, March 5, 1978, a new fellowship named Culpeper Christian Assembly met for worship in a converted phone company building known as the Meeting House on East Street in Culpeper. The preaching responsibilities were shared in rotation among four men.

The diversity of Church backgrounds in the leadership early set the tone for CCA to be a non-denominational assembly which recognized the wider body of Christ, welcoming all who knew and loved the Lord Jesus Christ.  A mix of old and new believers along with the move of the Holy Spirit in revival at that time created a healthy Church with the foundation on Jesus Christ.

CCA grew in numbers under Pastor Sandy Young (a former Sun House youth who went to Dallas Theological Seminary and returned).  Later, CCA built a new building and changed the name to Culpeper Christian Fellowship.  Through the years (and three more Pastors) CCF went through peaks and valleys and continued to stand on the foundation of Jesus Christ as church attendance fell (as it did in most Churches during this time up through covid).

From Grace Christian Church:

On Feb 9, 2022 The elders of Culpeper Christian Fellowship and Grace Christian Church unanimously agreed to merge.   The Pastor of Grace Christian Church, Tom Smith,  was ordained as the “new” Pastor of the “new” now blended Church – Culpeper Christian Fellowship.

We are affiliated with Greater Grace World Outreach (GGWO).  GGWO is an affiliation of nondenominational evangelical Christian churches that emphasize grace, the finished work and missions.  GGWO was originally founded by Pastor Carl H. Stevens, Jr. who was succeeded by Pastor Thomas Schaller as Presiding Elder and Overseeing Pastor in Baltimore in 2005.  Now there is a growing family of over 750 churches in approximately 80 countries with 3,500 Bible college students and 1,000 Christian workers throughout the world.  GGWO affiliated churches are located in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.  Additionally, Tom Smith sat under the teaching of Pastor Sandy Young (at CCA) for seven years (1997-2004).

The blended Church has unity in the Spirit and new people are being added little by little, adding to the foundation of Jesus Christ and making history at Culpeper Christian Fellowship.

We are a church of grace that accepts people as they are where they are. Whether you are just curious about Christianity or a committed believer, you are welcome among us.