Good Shepherd’s Club


Where:        CCF

When:         Wednesdays: mid-September to mid-May

Time:          7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Who:          Children ages 4-9

Purpose and Format:

With an emphasis on Bible memorization, the Good Shepherd’s Club presents the truths of the Bible in a format that is age appropriate and structured.  The class atmosphere is cozy and in addition to eating a snack, children also do a simple craft that they can take home and which emphasizes the lesson learned that day.  Children learn to memorize Bible verses through repetition and at the end of the school year participate in a “graduation” ceremony where they perform a skit or other presentation about what they have learned during the year and are awarded for the number of Bible verses they were successful in memorizing.

In addition, children are paired with a member of the church who becomes their “Sponsor”.  The Sponsor writes a note twice a month to encourage the child to grow in the Lord, prays for the sponsored child, and provides a small gift three times during the year (birthday, Christmas, & end of the school year).  Sponsors attempt to keep their identities secret and they are only revealed at the “graduation” ceremony where children are given the opportunity to guess who was their sponsor.