Blast Off


Where:  CCF

When:   Wednesdays: mid-September to mid-May

Time:    7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Who:     Children ages 10-12

Purpose and Format:

Blast Off is a mid-week exposure to Biblical truths presented in a way that reaches children at their level and includes a bible  memory verse component.  Each child is encouraged to develop the gifts God has given them, to replicate the character of Jesus in their lives, and to become stronger in their faith.  Each year an overall biblical theme is introduced that is then fleshed out over some 30 sessions.

An outline of the syllabus for the year is provided to parents so that they are aware of the truths that are being presented to their children.  Parents are encouraged to provide feedback and to sit in on any sessions, should they wish.

Each session begins with prayer for the needs of others and the children, after which the topic for the week is introduced by an adult leader who explains, in simple terms, the lesson for the day.  Children are encouraged to express their understanding of the particular Biblical truth but more importantly, to site how how they feel the topic could be applied in their own lives.  This is followed by a snack and the evening’s arts and crafts activity.  Students will have been given memory verses to practice and will periodically be quizzed on them.

In addition, children are paired with a member of the church who becomes their “Sponsor”.  The Sponsor writes a note twice a month to encourage the child to grow in the Lord, prays for the sponsored child, and provides a small gift five times during the year (birthday, Christmas, Valentine\’s Day, Easter, & end of the school year).  The Sponsors attempt to keep their identity secret and they are only revealed at the “graduation” ceremony where children are given the opportunity to guess who was their sponsor.

At the end of the school year a “graduation” ceremony is held during which the children demonstrate to their parents what they have learned, and at which they receive recognition for having memorized a specific number of memory verses.